For the Cannabis business, technology is the backbone to success. From your point of purchase (PoS) systems to your back-office applications, networking systems and data protection practices, your business performance is driven by technology.

Technology, however, can drain your focus from other critical business priorities. You have other critical work to perform and managing IT likely isn’t the best use of your valuable time.

Managing your IT infrastructure, securing your information and protecting your data can be complex, time consuming and costly. From managing and applying patches and upgrades, to maintaining infrastructure to monitoring for security and performance anomalies, keeping your IT operations and data protection infrastructure running optimally shouldn’t distract you and your team from other critical business priorities.

CannabisIT managed IT services deliver the white-glove expertise your business needs to run all of your technology infrastructure, both on-site and in the cloud. Our experts will run your technology with expert perfection across all major technology areas including:

  • Strategic business and IT strategy planning
  • Technology assessments and operational health checks
  • Technology vendor selection and negotiation
  • Cybersecurity strategy and security program monitoring and management
  • Cloud planning, migration and optimization
  • Data protection strategies for business continuity
  • Technology infrastructure monitoring, upgrades and maintenance

To make the most of your technology investment, while ensuring it is bringing you the value your business demands, consider the benefit of a managed IT service. With managed IT, you know your systems are monitored and protected, 24×7, so you can get on with the critical priority of running your business. Contact us today for a consult.